Small size LED factory

Factories set up consultant

Along with the energy conservation concept increasingly win support among the people, LED lighting development will inevitably the lighting industry has become the mainstream, this will also give us those who want to succeed in business people to create unlimited business opportunities.Because the LED lamp has the advantages of simple structure, the assembly is quite easy, if you want to own a factory, we can help you achieve, we can provide you with a set of the most complete factory scheme, including production equipment and testing equipment purchase advisory.

According to the scale of production, we are simply listed below,, mistress scale components and related production equipment and testing equipment, if you need more information about the relevant circumstances please send email to us for consultation.


Small entrepreneurial processing enterprises

Production workshop area: 200-300 square metre

Power requirements: 20KW-30KW

Staff requirements: 15-20

Assembly line production equipment layout:

Assembly equipment and tools:


10M Assembly line

 Electric soldering iron


 Electric screw driver


Aging equipment(Optional):

 Light aging device  Panel light aging aircraft  Panellight aging aircraft




 Tube light aging aircraft  Bulb light aging aircraft  Tube light aging aircraft


Testing equipment(Optional):

Integrating sphere

 Photoelectric integrated test

instrument with Integrating sphere


 Microscope   Magnifier

 Vibration test table

(to simulate the vibration test)


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