Large-scale LED factory

Large-scale factory production equipment scheme

Large factories in the formation of most of the automatic and semi-automatic equipment, which greatly saves the production time and improves the production efficiency.Our company can offer you LED lamps from the package to the assembly of one-stop production scheme, also include the production of equipment supply and consulting.If you have this intention can send a message to our mailbox


Production workshop area: 1000-1500 square metre
Power requirements: 80KW-150KW
Staff requirements: 62-85


LED packaging production line layout:

SMT production line layout:

Assembly line layout:


Packaging equipment:

Automatic wire bonder

Automatic wire welding machine

Automatic packaging machine

Automatic  Spectrometer

Automatic taping machine

Drying cabinet

Lamps photoelectric testing instrument

LED optoelectronic devices

High low temperature test box


Main prodcution equipment:


Semi-automatic printing machines

SMT Mounter

Eight temperature zone Reflow Oven

Loader machine/unloader machine

Moisture proof cabinet

Lead-free wave soldering

Plug line

Assembly line (automatic belt line)

Light aging aircraft


Auxiliary means:

Thermostat welding Taiwan

PCB Depanelizers

Drilling machine


General Screwdriver

Automatic screwdriver


Test equipment:

Light ageing device

Automatic aging line

Vibration measurement instrument

Photoelectric integrated test instrument(with integrating sphere)





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