LED commercial lighting consultant

LED commercial light consultant

LED could save 65-70% energy compare with normal lightings, for commercial building which have more than 10 hours lighting time in a day, if you use LED light, it can save a lot of energy for you.

GTI have a whole range of LED lighting, with our hi-quality lighting and experience engineer, we can supply the turnkey lighting solution for your building, also we can supply one stop solutions, which just according to your requirement.

Turnkey solution: give us a description of your requirement on your building, we will design the drawings and give your our suggestion.

One-stop solution: let us know what type of lighting you need, and let us know the quantity, we will do the rest.

The solutions for commercial building lighting: after several years’ research on commercial building lighting, we have a good knowledge of the requirements of light intensity and light color rendering index in market, classroom, office building, factory, warehouse, hotel and so on. So we can provide a series of LED lamps. And we know the feeling of customer well so that we can provide professional and reliable solution for customer

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