Pedant area

Te furnishing which displays in the container, the illumination should have enough vertical lighting so that can show the clothing surface illumination similar with other key illumination. So we should take the following factors into consideration for the lamp, such as light width, mounting pitch size, the distance to the wall, lighting projection angle, and etc.
To Eliminate container’s shadow which is made by superimposing furnishings. The hidden lights usually installed in the closet inside the zone, it not only can eliminate the shadows, but also can stretch space of the cabinet.
The middle booth not only can make full use of the space to display new clothing or seasonal clothing. Most importantly, it can take advantage of the booth to divide space for customers to pass in and out.
For a regular rectangle store, LOGO wall plays an important role in store, it suggests people toward to the brightest place, and make them take an interest in the store to increase sales.

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