Manager office

Environment is made of two different light sources. Above the office table, the ceiling is furnished with 6 sets LED down lights to provide enough ambient light for work or reading. LED hide light band can provide homogeneous light. Its’ lighting level can be adjusted to be adapted to different brightness and atmosphere.
Local lighting
1)   Independent office desk need Centralized tast lighting. Using suspension wire LED lamp panel with LED down lights in the ceiling improves high quality operating illumination. We can turn off some lamps when we work.
2)   LED desk lamp on the tea table beside the sofa can provide local ambient light. It has the biggest adjustability and will be convenient. Lamps’ surface can provide visualized light.
Accent lighting
1)  Mainly lighten scripts and paintings on the wall. It can active interior atmosphere and can have decorative effect. To some extent, it can show the owner's erudition elegance.
2)  The LED spot lights will stand out sofa and indoor plants to build a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. And it also can add visual interest and lively atmosphere.

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