2GLG LED light aging test equipment

LED light aging test equipment

GLG01 led bulb aging test rack 480pieces E27/E14-1300


The support is made of 40 * 40 aluminum profile and treated by surface oxidation.

The aging rack is divided into 3 layers, including no top plate, 2mm iron plate, and computer white spray paint.

A. There are 160 aging bulbs, the whole aging shelf can also be used for aging bulbs, 480 lamp holders and lines.

18# (075 m) silicone wire welding (maximum power 220V-15W/, 110V-7.5W/), the main line

With 2.5 square meters of wire.

The main switch is equipped with leakage current, and 2 switches are allocated to each unit.

The aging rack is equipped with 2 meters electric line and a professional waterproof plug.

A cardan brake shoe is installed under the bracket.



GLG 02 led tube aging test rack -1200

Lattice: L2.65M*W, 0.65M*H1.65M fluorescent lamp

40. 1 x 40 aluminum frame is used for the production of surface oxidation.

2 aging is divided into 4 Kennedy row, each row with 4 rows of lamp holder, the whole frame can be aging aging 1.2 meters tube 100.

3 with a leakage switch, with 2 meters of cable line, with a professional waterproof plug.

The 4 bracket arranged universal with brake casters.





GLG 03 outdoor led light aging test rack-1300

The bracket for aging shelf is made of 40*40 aluminum profile and treated by surface oxidation.

The aging rack is divided into five layers (including the top layer). The 18mm panel is used for the top panel to paste the green antistatic and environment-friendly rubber.

The sealing edge of the adhesive tape is exquisite, and the clearance of each layer is about 275mm.

The aging rack has 10 layers of wiring pins and 20 terminals on each side, 100 of which can be aged.

200 items.

1 sets of distribution control boxes, equipped with leakage protection switch and time relay, including electrical aging timer function.

Leakage protection function.

With long power line 2 meters, with 6 square meters of wire.

The bracket is equipped with 4 3 casters, 2 orientations and 2 universal belt brakes.




GLG04 led panel light aging test rack -60 panel-1600



GLG 05 automatic indoor light aging test line-23000


LED energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, bulb lamp, candle lamp mixed with aging line


1)     the project: bulb lamp aging line

2)     specifications: L12000 x W1470 x H800MM

3)      structure: using ring chain conveyor, chain plate aging, frequency control



4main feature:

1 the equipment is dedicated to the exchange of LED bulb lamp finished detection aging. By high pressure and normal pressure, low pressure, high temperature, roaming and fluctuation in the simulation grid voltage on line lamp aging test, inspection lamp / bulbs without light, strobe, color, appearance and other undesirable quality phenomenon.

2 the aging line is on the upper and lower levels, while the upper layer is set to three voltage zones and a non electric operation area; the lower layer is set to three voltage regions, and a total of seven regions.

3 electrical safety: the use of isolated transformer function, improve the operation safety factor and effective protection.

4 voltage regulation: manual adjustment.

5 power system using frequency conversion stepless speed regulation system, the operation is simple and convenient.

6 have the function of the beat, the power and the power off time can be adjusted respectively.

7 with roaming function, all kinds of roaming voltage power time can be adjusted.

8 has a static aging function: the case of the online body is not running, the power of the aging.

9 power: visual brightness.

10 using the touch screen and the programmable controller PLC as the control system, and installed the super temperature and sound light alarm function.

11 the line design load maximum power for each of the chain plate: 360W/220V (or 180W/110V), is strictly prohibited illegal super load operation!






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