3GLT test equipment

GLT-01 5A 60V RF single repair mobile adjustable regulated dc power-190




1.Output constant current adjustable.

2.Output constant voltage adjustable.

3.LED voltage and currrent display.

4.Constant voltage and current operation in individual.

5.Over current protection.

6.It has RF Detection function.

DC power supply


GLT-02 3KV voltage regulator-170

voltage regulator

GLT-03Digital power meter -150



By adopting the advanced PLL technology, PF9810 can realize harmonic analysis. It can calculate THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)and sub-harmonic of voltage and current that meets the requirement of IEC61000-3-2.




Auto range: Voltage: 75V/150V/300V/600V

PF9810 Current: 0.05A/0.2A/0.8A/2A

Measure the THD and 2nd -50th sub-harmonic of voltage and current

RS-232 communication interface and software to display the data and

waveforms on the computer


Typical Waveform



GLT-04 multi meter-40

             multi meter


GLT-05 pressure tester upgrade-450

Product introduction

They withstand voltage tester is an instrument for measuring the compressive strength. It can intuitively, accurately and quickly test the electrical safety performance indicators of various objects, such as breakdown voltage and leakage current, and it can be used as a high-voltage source to test the performance of components and the whole machine.

This series of testing instruments meet the following criteria: household appliances standard (IEC6035, GB4706.1-2001, GB4793.1-2007), luminaire standard (IEC60598-1-1999, GB7000.1-2000), information standard (GB8898-2001, GB12113.GB4943-2001, IEC60065, IEC60950) and so on.

application area

Components: diode, triode, high voltage silicon reactor, various electronic transformers, connectors, high voltage electrical appliances

Household appliances: television, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dehumidifiers, electric blankets, chargers, etc.

Insulating materials: heat shrinkable casing, capacitor film, high pressure casing, insulating paper, insulating shoes, insulating rubber gloves, PCB circuit board, etc.

Instrument and instrument: oscilloscope, signal generator, DC power supply, switch power supply and other kinds of whole machine

Lighting appliances: ballasts, road lights, stage lamps, hand-held lamps and so on

Electric heating appliances: electric drill, drill, cutting machine, grinding machine, grinding machine, electric welding machine etc.

Wire and cable: high voltage line, cable, cable, silicon rubber cable, etc.

Performance characteristics

1, single AC 5KV universal pressure tester

2. The output voltage is regulated by the voltage regulator, which has the characteristics of high reliability and high durability.

3. Using high brightness LED digital tube display test time, voltage, current, real-time display breakdown current value and voltage value

4. Alarm current value can be preset continuously and arbitrarily

5. Test time using three bit digital tube display

6. The signal input and output interface required by PLC can easily make up a comprehensive test system with PLC.








GLT-06 portable led light test box-260

portable led light tester



GLT-07 Sphere with standard lighting-1200

Suitable for energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, cold cathode fluorescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, tubular fluorescent lamp, annular fluorescent lamp, high power straight tube fluorescent lamp, HID lamp light source electric light color

Main technical index

1) SPEC1000A transient spectrum analyzer

Selection of high precision grating, CCD sensor with high sensitivity, the stray light suppression design has advantages of fast measurement speed, high measurement precision, fully meet the CIE and IEC and national standards on the measurement accuracy requirements, there is no mechanical displacement problem of traditional mechanical scanning spectrometer.

Compared with traditional method of photoelectric integration (through the filter matching meet the measurement needs) measuring equipment, cannot solve the spectral matching error, which cannot be measured spectral parameters, using the highest accuracy of full spectrum measurement method can accurate photometric measurement parameters and color parameters of traditional photoelectric integral method has the function, also can be accurately obtained by the spectral properties of the samples, narrowband led spectra cannot be accurately measured in problem solving.

U basic measurement function:

Chromaticity coordinates, color temperature, color difference, color tolerances, peak wavelength, color rendering index, luminous flux, luminous efficiency, dominant wavelength, color purity, red ratio.

U communication: V2.0 USB

U measurement: exposure, rapid

U wavelength range: 380nm ~ 780nm

U wavelength accuracy: + 0.3nm

U wavelength fluctuations: 0.2nm

U measurement bandwidth: 1.6nm

U chromaticity accuracy: + 0.0008 (A source)

U linear: 0.5%

U stray light: 1.00E-03

U flux range: 0.01lm ~ 6 * 10^5lm (select the corresponding integral ball)

U temperature range: 1500K ~ 35000K

U measuring speed: 3MS ~ 2000ms

2) LCFB-1204 optical fiber

U specification: optical fiber

U length: 1.2m (customizable)

U through optical diameter: 0.4mm

U interface size: SMA905 standard connector at both ends


GLT-08 lux meter-170

lux meter



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