4GLC special tools for led light production


GLC special tools for led light production:


GLC-01 laser printing machine with automatic led bulb holder-9500

1200 bulb per hours, 20Watt laser


GLC-02 PCB cutting machine-1200

Product features:

1. the machine uses the computer screen to control the counting device, which can presuppose the processing output. The cutting gap between the upper and lower cutting tools has the display display of the display screen.

2. plate with multiple knife on PCB plate cutting, a Cikeqieduo plate;

3. the cutter wheel on the machine can be adjusted as a whole: 0-5mm;

The distance between the 4. knife and the knife can be adjusted, suitable for cutting the width of the single PCB plate in 15-20mm;

The 5. blade adopts imported SKH51 high speed steel, which is wear-resistant and has long life.

The speed of the 6. cutting plate can be easily adjusted by rotating and twisting.

The 7. division plate is not limited.

8.PC plate segmentation thickness: 0.2-5.0MM;

9. can be installed with the attached map conveyer belt line can send separate PCB board directly out to facilitate the operation, can directly connect with the water, reduce and release;

10. this machine can be accepted to be adapted to the segmentation of PCB control board, fiberboard, aluminum substrate (long plate above 400mm) and special board.

11. this machine is easy to operate with multi knife plate, and is high in efficiency for batch production.

Working environment:

Working place: 2.1 general conditions and requirements for the dust free room

Ambient temperature (0 degrees to 40 degrees) and air humidity according to seasonal fluctuation, equipment necessary function

It needs to run under the following environmental data: the indoor temperature is 0 degrees - 40 degrees

Air humidity 10% - 80%

Environmental noise 40dB - 80dB

Vibration velocity 1mm/s - 5mm/S


GLC-03 heating station-190







GLC0-5 silk printing desk 600*440mm-150










GLC-06 PCB trolley  25 layers-480


GLC-07 Induction lamp holder-1300

Use the power supply; 220V

Use of air pressure: 3~5gj

Product Description: This machine design concept to solve the lamp shades RBI is difficult to control, and not grasp the dotting time based on the development, design and production of a number of points can be arbitrary depth adjustable, adjustable, 0~ dot time 1 foot lamp electrical induction plus arbitrary conversion with dot locking machine;

The machine adopts high quality cylinder as the carrier of pressing riveting needle, and each punching needle is equipped with a stroke adjustable cylinder. The lighting of Xinjian electronic equipment can achieve a single adjustable, and the rivet needle is locked by double screws to the cylinder head to facilitate replacement and maintenance. The machine can realize the transformation of induction and foot switch according to the need, and only needs to switch the switch on the panel gently when changing. The inductive switch is located directly below the hole of the lamp holder, and it can adjust the distance according to the soldering tin of the lamp holder. In the production process can adjust the time according to the proficiency of the workers, the time regulator on the panel can adjust the time of 0~ in 1 second. In order to better cooperate with production to realize the function of real time counting, the machine is equipped with a dot counter to realize real time counting to reduce unnecessary production cost. The machine is also equipped with air pressure and lubricating oil regulating valve, which can adjust the use of air pressure and lubricating oil according to the need. The pressure is 3~5Wpa.













GLC-08 E27 manual clamp 12 point-35

GLC-09 led bulb gasket with module A 50-A95)-460





GLC-10 electric screw for indoor light with power supply-38

GLC-11 electric screw for outdoor light with power supply-128



GLC-12 Solder stations smallwith accessories-38










GLC-13 Solder stations bigwith accessories-180


GLC-14 chargeable electric screw 2 battery -80







GLC-15 wire stripier-8























GLC-16 heat blower-25

GLC-17 air compressor 7.5kW with 150L air tank-950











GLC-18 industry oven-320


















GLC-19 Trumpet gluing machine four station LED round ball bubble lamp full automatic glue dispenser-1850

The operation is convenient and practical.

1, according to the size of the product and glue the liquidity adjusted glue flow and positioning speed, adjustable rotation angle, rotation angle and anti drawing;

2. The replacement of the product is convenient and fast, but it can be accurately positioned.

3, the interval time can be adjusted according to the operation process, and the cycle work can be achieved.

High efficiency, high quality and stability:

1, take the bulb light spot glue as an example, the efficiency of a machine is two to three people, which not only improves the efficiency of the enterprise, but also reduces the cost.

2, the machine runs steadily, the glue is stable and stable, thus ensuring the consistency of the product, and, at the same time, it also improves the market competitiveness of the enterprises and products.

3, automatic quantitative positioning function: rubber suction to accurate, precise positioning; process a good product to another product is not glue outflow vacancy, not only saves the glue can not stain the machine table.

Strong generality:

Not only can be used all the bulb lamp, lamp, lamp and lamp, also can be applied to all round for dispensing glue products.

Suitable for Industry: bonding, encapsulation, coating, coating, etc. of round products such as bulb / Horn / motor / watch.

Suitable for glue: glass glue, silicone rubber, silicone rubber, red glue, yellow glue, silver paste, UV curing adhesive, lubricating oil, epoxy resin, silicone resin and other materials.

Rotary diameter of working table: 220mm

Rotating head: 4

Driving mode: precision stepping motor

Mechanical repetition precision: + 0.2mm

Input pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa

Capacity: 2 seconds / a (influenced by the performance of glue)

Fastest rotation speed: 1080 degrees / sec

Power power: AC220V, 50Hz, 200W

Shape size (wide x long x high): 450mm x 500mm x 600mm

Weight: 24kg


GLC-20 Full automatic computer wire stripping machine for wire and cable sheath automatic wire stripping and cutting machine automatic cutting machine-1450



1. the machine uses 32 bit intelligent control system, the Chinese and English switch liquid crystal display frequency, the operation is simple, can store a hundred information, call at any time.

2. fully automatic cutting, peeling, half stripping, and multiple segments in one time. It can change the size and size of the wire instantaneously, and the economic effect is very high.

3. intermediate peeling position of any screen adjustment, the maximum of 200 segments, data set intuitively.

4. catheter motor drive, the power is no noise, the service life is 2 times higher than the traditional.

The 5. tube position adjustment is adjustable directly on the screen.

6. board upgrades are 3 minutes faster than the old ones.

The main shaft of the 7. wire feeding wheel is increased to 12MM, and the transmission line is stable and durable.

More than 8. C mode, 200 segment data, and the longest 99999.9mm. Cut the position of the middle strip directly, and take it easily with your hand.

The 9. is mainly used for electronic wire, silicone wire, Teflon wire, such as automatic cutting, stripping, stripping ends. The machine is mainly suitable for lighting, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, motor and friction and other industries.


Product parameters:

Product name 680ZB computer strip peeling machine (stripped)

Product model HS-680ZB

Cutting line intercepting area

0.1 ~ 6mm2

Display mode

All Chinese LCD LCD screen

Intermediate cutting


Power Supply

AC220V/AC250V 50HZ/60HZ



Catheter diameter


Cutting length


Stripping Length

Peeling from 0 to 30mm and stripping tail from 0 to 20mm from 0 to 30mm

Cutting tolerance

0.002 x Lmm (within) x L

Driving mode

Four wheel drive

Stripping speed

2000~3000 hours / hours (number of lines of sight, number of segments)

Adjusting speed

0 the slowest 9 is the fastest

Weight 33kg

Appearance size

390 x 350 x 255mm






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