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What kinds of product we provide

1) LED luminaries. They include: LED bulb, LED tube, LED panel light, LED ceiling lamp, LED Flood light, LED warehouse light, LED tunnel lamp, LED road lamp and so on.

2) We provide the materials and spare parts of LED luminaries. Such as: lamps’ shell, packaged Lamp bead, SMD, PCB board, power supply, Thermal Tape and so.

3) The whole solution of SKD and CKD. For those companies without R & D capability, we will provide our mature design scheme and the whole sets of materials of LED for them. And we will sell them to customers by the way of SKD or CKD. Therefore, Customers can produce high quality LED lamps with simple assembly and test.

4) We also provide consultation service for the construction of production line and the production equipment and test equipment of Led lamp. According to the requirements of customers, we will help them build small-scale (Dozens of people) and medium scale (Hundreds of people) Workshop. And we will provide consultation service for production process and the allocation of staff in the work shop.


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