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Material supply(expensive to cheap A to C...)
After choosing the material, please send E-mail to us:, our engineer will study your plan and supply you suggestion, then our sales will quote price for you.
LED Module: A)High power LED B)COB LED
Power supply: A)Meanwell B)Moso C)Lifud
Case: A)Imported high quality material B)Standard material C)Normal material


1. High purity die-casting aluminium housing
2. Ultra-white high flux tempered glass
3. Vacuum plated reflector
4. Original EPISTAR LED Chip
5. High efficiency LED driver


LED flood light SKD

The LED flood light SKD kits are mainly made up of modules:

1.LED flood light shell(including aluminum housing, temper glass, pvc rings, reflector,srews ect.)

2.LED light source

3.LED driver

LED flood light SKD: floodlight shell

LED flood light SKD:floodlight light source

LED flood light SKD: floodlight LED driver

 LED flood light shell  LED light source  LED driver

My dear customer, you  can take back all of the components and then assemble them by yourself so that you can control quality and save tax and cost. We also specialize in various sizes and specifications. So you can buy it from us with competitive prices in standard as well as customized shapes and sizes as your requirements.

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