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SMD led spotlight is a typical contemporary lighting lamps with different style. It can construct indoor lightig atmosphere. If connecting with a row of spot lights together,the light can alternate fantastic  images. As LED spot light can change beam angle freely, so there are thousands of  lighting effects.  Meanwhile, its light is soft, smooth, and graceful, so it is also applied to partial lighting for adding  different atmosphere.If you are intrested in smd led spotlight,ceramic smd led spotlight,and energy  efficient smd led spotlight,please contact us.


Reference to these SMD LED Spot Light, their feature with 3-in-1 chip SMD 5050 LEDS. They are designed as the same size as conventional lamps.

There are four bases could be choosed







LED spotlight holder:E14



LED spotlight holder:E27



LED spotlight holder:MR16



LED spotlight holder:GU10

General Features:

1.Body: Aluminum housing
2.Working voltage:175~265V AC
3.Light color: Warm white(3000-3500K),White(6000-6500K)
4.Viewing angle:120 Degree
5.Lifespan:30,000 Hours


LED spotlight:3.6W-S20

LED spotlight:1.5W-S12

LED spotlight:2.2W-S18

LED spotlight:4.5W-S24

 3.6W-S20  1.5W-S12  2.2W-S18  4.5W-S24

LED spotlight:1.5W-S30

LED spotlight:2.5W-S48

LED spotlight:3W-S60

LED spotlight:2.6W-S21

 1.5W-S30  2.5W-S48  3W-S60  2.6W-S21

Particular Specification:



Power consumption

Light source

Luminous Flux


Φ 50*H75MM

3.6 Watts

20 PCS SMD 5050 LEDS

300 lumens

1.5W- S12


1.5 Watts

12 PCS 5050 SMD LEDS

150 Lumen

2.2W- S18

Φ 50*54MM

2.2 Watts

18 PCS 5050 SMD LEDS

210 lumen

4.5W- S24

Φ 50*54MM

4.5 Watts

24 PCS 5050 SMD LEDS

370 Lumen

1.5W- S30

Φ 50*H52MM

1.5 Watts

30 PCS SMD 3528 LEDS

120 lumens

2.5W- S48

Φ 50*H75MM

2.5 Watts

24 PCS SMD 5050 LEDS

192 lumens

3W- S60

Φ 50*54MM

3 Watts

60 PCS SMD 3528 LEDS

232 lumen



2.6 Watts

21 PCS SMD 5050 LEDS

250 lumen


Color temperature

Aging test


LED spotlight color temperature


LED spotlight aging  test


Illuminance comparison:


LED spotlight illuminance comparison


LED spotlight illuminance comparison



1. Neutral packing: 1pc in a paper box, several boxes in a carton.
2. We can design the packing box according to your requirement.
3. Paper boxes can protect Spotlight lights so as to prevent any scratching and breaking.
4. Carton boxes can protect Spotlight lights and make it convenient for transportation and sales.




LED spotlight packing



LED spotlight packing



one spotlight packing with paper box



one spotlight packing with paper box



one spotlight packing with paper box



servral led spotlight with paper box in one carton

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